About Us

At Professional Performance Development, Inc. we are dedicated to fulfilling our mission statement and assisting our employees to be successful every day. Professional Performance is a family owned company and sees every one of our employees as a member of a family. We are an equal opportunity employer. Our employees represent the full spectrum of our society and are a testimony of our commitment to recognizing the dignity of the individual. We value the talents, skill and dedication that each of our employees brings to work every day.

As a Federal Government contractor, Professional Performance has been in the medical field since our inception in April 1984. Professional Performance continues to provide medical services through our employees at major military medical centers throughout the United States earning us acclaim as the "Vendor of Choice."

Professional Performance is highly diversified. We are organized into five product lines: Medical, Social, Technology, Professional, and Hospitality. Each product line consists of employees who not only possess the required knowledge and experience, but also personify a strong will to succeed. Each new employee is introduced to the appropriate Product Line Team who is responsible for assisting you in getting settled in the job, addressing your questions and concerns, and ensuring that your wages and benefits are received as promised and in a timely manner.

Our strength comes from our exceptional employees. By hiring and retaining the very best people we know:

  • Integrity is the foundation in our relationships with customers and employees
  • Pro-active solutions are always being sought out to serve employees and customers
  • When our customers prosper, Professional Performance and its employees will prosper
Our Commitment To You

At Professional Performance we understand your concerns. We promise to treat each employee with respect, and work with you to find the best options to choose from to suit your needs.

Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it we are going back.

- Florence Nightingale, 1914

Business Philosophy

Our mission is based on the concept of Linked Prosperity, which means when through our work we make our customers prosper, Professional Performance and its employees will prosper. Our philosophy allows every customer and employee to feel involved, respected and most importantly, valued. We believe each employee is part of a greater whole and take great care in hiring new employees to ensure every team member is dependable, professional and dedicated every day. We hire applicants based upon education and experience in addition to qualities that personify a will to succeed. All applicants should possess:

  • A positive attitude, which includes being respectful of others and able to work with others
  • Passion for their profession, which will lead to professional growth
  • Integrity, which forms the basis for all relationships
  • Initiative, which leads to action
  • Intellectual curiosity, which leads to learning
  • Intensity, which leads to exceptional service and productivity
What Our Employees Say About Us
  • "I am very pleased overall with the corporate office and staff because this is the only employer that has kept employees informed on every aspect of the company. So I feel like part of the company not just an employee. Thanks for all you do because I know it's not easy with all of us being scattered about the country."

    - Comment from Employee Survey 2002

  • "This is a great company to work for. I feel they see employees as the 'customer' and therefore ensure we are provided customer service. The benefits are very good. I really have nothing but good things to say about PPDG."

    - Comment from Employee Survey 2002

4 Easy Ways to Apply

You have many options to get your resume to our recruiting staff. We make it convenient for you; you may: